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Kelsey Carey
Hope you're doing ok!
I appreciate that and you taking time to come to my site. Thank you!
Megan Botos
Thoughts and prayers with you from Omaha, Nebraska :)
Thank you Megan!
Brad howard
We are all pulling together and doing what we can,its great to see!
Brad! Long time no see! Thank you! Maybe we'll run into each other out on the field one of these days. It'd be great to see you
Paul & Kathleen Bagby Coate
Hi sweetie! The forces are mobilizing! You are truly loved, and we've all got your back. The Bagby/ Coate clan will do anything we can to help. You are so awesome! Luv, P & K
Thank you Paul and Kathy! Great to see you at the wedding! Thanks for the support!
Angela Horchem
Laura, I thinking of you daily! Love, Angela
Thank you Angela! I appreciate that! Let me know next time you are in town!
Steven Williams
Lara. As always, you are in my thoughts and from the sounds of it, you are in many peoples thoughts all around the country. With Love Always. Steven
Thank you for all your support Steven. I can see your momentum across the country! I appreciate it! Love to you always!
Bill Van Deest
Lara, Your optimistic and vigorous way of living has always amazed and inspired me. Peace Bill
Aww, shucks! .... Thank you Bill! You're the insiring one!
Scott Glasser
Hey there dear Lara, Am thinking of you daily. Steven Williams has been marshaling forces, and the students are working alongside the faculty to help. Yes we can! Much love to you.
Thank you Scott. It's nice to have so much love. Especially from you!
Marlis Quimby
Lara, Eileen Shuman, Paul's mom, told me about your quest. She & I have been friends since high school, and Paul - with his wacky sense of humor - was one of my favorite people. I wish you the best of luck with your transplant and hope to read the good news from you when it happens. If the wishes and hopes and love of all your friends can make it happen, it's a certainty. Peace and love to you.
Marlis, you are kind. I loved Paul so much and it is kind of Eileen to support my road. Spread the word, efforts will succeed.
Jim Knierim
Hi Lara. Just got the word from Karen about your dilemma. I will gather as many cell phones and ink cartridges as I can to donate. We must get you well! Have you worked with anyone from OCP to get help? Maybe a show's proceeds can help? let me know if I can be of help in any way. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Jim
Hello Jim. Thank you. Holding off on OCP approaches for now; down the road. Hopefully I will see you at my career expo!