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Matt Jones
Always pulling for you,Lara! Hope to see you soon!
Thanks Matt! Hope to see you soon too. Take care of yourself!
Mallory Prucha Rishoi
Lara, Sending much love, blessings and prayers (and hugs and kisses) from Wisconsin. I will pass your message along in hopes of rallying the frigid North to help out one of the planet's most precious and beautiful people! Sincerely, Mallory Prucha Rishoi
Mallory! Sure miss you. And your designs! Thanks for your note. Go Packers!
Nevada (Nick) Jones
Hey Lara ~ You may or may not remember me, but I was involved in some plays that you worked on at the Playhouse (The Dark at the Top of the Stairs) and maybe even the Blue Barn. I just want you to know that I'm thinking about you and cheering for you! (And forwarding the e-mail, of course...) This is a great idea, and it warms the heart and soul to see it in action. Take good care! Nick
Of course, I remember. Thanks Nick! Keep spreading the word. That's what makes this work. :)
Daniel Gutierrez
Hey Lara, This must seem ike a tough battle for you. I helped and donated some money in your honor and have also sent the email to many of my friends in family, i hopes they will join in this fight with you. you will rach your goal, i know people will help you. Hang in there. Im keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Dan Gutierrez
Hi Dan! Thanks so much! Keep spreading the word, I appreciate it.
Randy Bennett
Hi Lara- You don't know me but I am a former high school classmate of your mother. That's right- good ole Cato, NY! I've sent an appeal out to our class alumni via email and will include it also in our next snail mailing. My advice to you- don't worry about the money- have faith- it will be there when you need it. Stay positive- focus on all the good in your life and expect miracles. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers daily...Randy Bennett Cato Class of 67
Very thoughtful of you to send out the appeal, Randy. Many thanks! My mom was very happy to see your email too. Take care!
Jim Martin
Thanks to Sherry Fletcher for getting the word out to TAG members. We all are thinking of you and praying for you, but now we have a concrete way to help. And it's so easy! Happy new year! Lynn and I will pray for you daily! See you at work!
Hi Jim, thank you! And yes, a big thank you to Sherry, and Lynn as well. You'll definitely see me hoppin' at work!
Carol (Phelps) Turnbull
Hi Lara, I am a former classmate of your mothers. I was in her wedding to your dad. Just wanted to let you know that you and your family will be in my thoughts & prayers. May God grant his healing touch to you. Take care.
Thank you Carol! I appreciate the thoughts and so does my mom!
Rachel McCutchen
Hey Lara, I am thinking of you daily - and wish I could've seen you while you were in New York. I'll see you soon though! Happy Holidays! much love, Rachel
Hey Rachel. I know! So close, yet so far! Love you!
Sharon McCutchen Snelling
Hi, I am Rachel McCutchen's aunt. I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong, keep positive. You'll be feeling better before you know it!
Very nice of you to sign in Sharon. And to know that Rachel is doing her job! :) Thank you!
Kasey Scarpello
Hey, darlin'! Just wanted to send a hello and read up on the others who have checked in to the site. Lots of love being shared through the glorious world of the internet!! Think of you often and miss you lots and lots. Love you, K
Thank you Kasey! And I sure miss you too!