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Steve Bergeron
Lara... Just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you.
Thank you Steve! I think of you often! I wish you were in Omaha!!!
Hello - I saw on the Great Plains Theatre Conf. website that used cell phones and printer cartridges may help with fundraising. If so, may these be sent to you? What would the address be? Thanks!
Check out the "Volunteer" Tab on the home page for more info on this.
Mary Lou Brennan
Hi Lara, I am so happy you emailed me about the Awesome August and I'm very happy to help out. It was so fun catching up with you in St. Louis.
Thanks Mary Lou! Great fun seeing you in St. Louis as well!
Karen Wheatley
Please! Keep sending me phones and cartridges, my goal has been to send a minimum of 2 boxes in for recycling each month and I have to have a minimum number of items to do that! The funds do add up and will make a difference for Lara, and for the environment. Questions? Call me 402-296-4438 Karen
Yay Karen!
Desiree Carr
You don't know me but my brother Darrin Golden posted pictures of your most recent fund raiser up on his FB page. I'm not sure how you know him either but you've met one of the best young men I've ever known in him! Good luck to you and your family. Many blessings will be sent your direction from ours. Desiree Carr and family (Denver, CO)
Thank you Desiree! I work with Darrin. He's a good guy. Troublemaker, but a good guy! :)
Allison Wissman
Tonight's performance of "The Secret of the Old Queen: A Hardy Boys Musical Adventure" at SNAP! is a benefit for Lara! Everyone -- come see this great show, and support a fabulous lady!!! Tickets are only $10 - and it's really a fun show! Read all about it at
Jennifer McGill
Hi Lara! I just wanted to let you know I had a wonderful time at Breath of Fresh Art. What a talented group of performers. I hope it was a huge success!
So glad to see you there Jennifer. Wish I could've talked to you more! Let's do another project together!! :)
Kate Krieg
Hi Lara! I am thinking of you and praying for you. You helped me through a difficult time in 2005 and I will never forget your support. I'm so glad that this website exists so that I can try to give back to you for helping me through that time. I hope you know how respected and adored you are by us theatre people. I hope that word is able to spread to all the people whose lives you've touched with your work with Nebraska Theatre Caravan. I'll be checking in on your journal and looking forward to seeing your health continue to improve! All my love and support, Kate Krieg
Oh, Kate; THANK YOU! I am so glad you are well! Thank you for your support! Keep healthy too!
Scotte Hansen
I am a friend of a friend of yours, God's blessings and hang in there. Scotte
Thank you Scotte! Keep the blessings coming, and spread the word. It's a long road. Take care!
Maria Sofranko
Hi Lara: I don't know you, and you don't know me...(gotta love how karma works, don't ya?). Our mutual friend, Jim McKain, sent me a note about your story and that was all it took. I hope your journey forward is a great success and you reach your goal soon. Wishing you all the best! God bless, Maria Sofranko Oceanside, CA
Maria, Thank you. Boy, that Jim is a dear! I appreciate your words. And I love CA; please enjoy a day at the beach for me!