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Genevieve Randall
Lara, I hope things are going well for you...I am sending my love and hugs to you!!!
Love those hugs, Genevieve! I hope you are well too!
Amy Reiner
Hope things are going well - have you had any weird dreams lately? HA!!
Going pretty status dreams, but if I do, you'll be the first to know!! :)
Daniel Balkovic
Lara you are in my prayers and I wish the best for you. Know that you've been an inspiration for me ever since I was in the program I hope our paths cross again. God Bless
Thanks so much Daniel! I sure hope you have been well.
Just wanted you to know I'm thinking about you! You're such an inspiration! Sending hugs, kisses & well-wishes! xoxo
Thanks Rachem! Hugs and kisses to you too. Miss you!!!!!! xoxoxo
Vern, Heather, Danny, & Emma Creamer
Thinking of you often and wishing you the best ... and the writing comes across as honest and pure.
Thank you Creamers! You are always so sweet and supportive. Hugs to all of you!
Kathy Tyree
Hey Sweet Heart. Just want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you. I think you are awesome!!! Love & God Bless, Kathy
Hey Kathy, thank you!! Good to hear from you! I hope you are well, been forever since I've seen you. Thanks again!
Hi There - Yes, I'm mighty proud of you and your stubborn self - making you sit down and write in this blog! Great Job! And hey,isn't "stagnant" better than "worse?!!!!" Yea Stagnant!
You are always my positive consious, even if I wanna be stubborn! :) That's why you are the perfect Campaign Coordinator!
Amy Lane
Hey sweetie! I am thinking about you today as I sing along with Night Ranger. :) Motorin'!!!!! What's the price for flight?! And finding mister Right? You'll be all right tonight... Love you!!!! Be well!
Amy, you just put a big smile on my face. Now that song will be stuck in my head ALL DAY; and that's a good thing! Love to you!
L. James Wright
Lara, Your an inspiration of strength and positivity.
Kind words, James. Thank you. And those are the kinds of words that give me the strength. Thank you.
Michael Severin
Get well soon Lara. I need to stop by and see you both again.
Yes, you do. :) Hugs!