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Rick Lofgren, COTA President
Greetings from COTA! I want to congratulate the COTA for Lara M team for an outstanding job raising funds for the campaign! When I set the campaign fundraising goals with all of our families, I try to do so knowing that there are no “average” transplant situations, and that each one is different than the most recent one. With this in mind, I usually suggest a goal that is what I believe is needed for any patient’s long-term expenses and transplant-related costs, and the goal generally reflects the next four to five years of out-of-pocket costs. For example, most of our patients will have $2,500 in annual co-payments and deductibles, a similar $5,000 annually for medications, as well as $5,000 - $10,000 in annual travel costs for clinic visits – and this could mean $25,000 for any patient in just a few years. In this case, because of Lara’s longer than expected wait time and stay in Denver following the transplant, I spoke with her and suggested that we raise the goal to better reflect what I believe is the true long-term expenses she will have. Because of this, I recommended that we raise the goal for the COTA for Lara M team from $100,000 to $125,000 to reflect what I believe will be actual costs. Please know there are many factors in this decision, and that I bear the responsibility of justifying this to anyone who asks, and am prepared to do this as I believe that it is the right thing to do. I want to convey that this is not a request for everyone to go out and do additional fundraising, but simply a reflection of real long-term costs and the fact that this team has additional opportunities that have already been started and/or planned, and will likely reach this new goal in 2014. Thank you for all the work and support you have provided to this point, and please keep Lara in your prayers as she deals with ongoing treatment in Denver!
Glad to be on your Support team! Sending Loads of Love and continued Health you way. I Miss seeing you and being in your midst. xo Timmy Shew
Thank you for being a part of my support, Tim! I miss seeing you too, and firmly believe being exposed to your positivity these past few weeks has contributed to my drive today. Be well, friend. xoxo
Amanda Marsh
Love You Momma! You are my Hero in Life and My Inspiration to not take Life for granted! :)
Jane Matsui
Thrilled to know that your theater friends are doing Sing Your Lungs Out. It is the best event. Great entertainment for a fabulous cause. Hope to see you there.
 Thank you Jane! They are so awesome! I am looking forward to hearing their voices again! I will see you there!  :)
Nick Masson
Much love! Can't wait to celebrate with you by watching the US Open in Fresh Meadows!
 Me too, Nick! I really hope I can see Nadal play!!
I can't wait for your big day! It'll be amazing to celebrate the first day of the rest of your life!! xoxo I love you girl!
 I can't wait either, Angela. I wish it would hurry up and get here! I still have so much to do! Love you too! xoxo
Betsy Bauer
Love you too Betsy!!  :)
Paul Thelen
Thinking of you in Chicago! Thanks for the blog update!
Thank you Paul. Hope you are well, there in Chicago! Haven't been there in a while; I sure miss it!
Judy Radcliff
Darling Lara, hope your weeklong treatment left you feeling refreshed and strong. I miss seeing your beautiful face. Have you started rehearsals yet for Enemy of the People? I am excited to see the show...and hope to do another one with you someday soon. You are in my prayers and my heart always.
Judy, it is now October; answering you has taken me this long; tells you how busy I've been. Miss seeing your beautiful face too
Praying for you and your family, sending my prayers to you from Union County. Stay strong and keep up the fight!! Hope you get your lungs soon.
Thanks Lindsey! I appreciate it very much!